jQueryFacebookWallWP FAQ

jQueryFacebookWallWP FAQ

This is the FAQ page specific to the WordPress version of jQueryFacebookWall. If you’re unsure if the plugin will work for you, make sure and read over the jQuery plugin FAQ as well.

Why can’t I comment or like a posts?

facebooksettingsThis is commonly caused by not having your domain added to your Facebook app. Login to Facebook and go to your app managment https://developers.facebook.com/apps. Select the app you are using the plugin with. Go to the settings tab and make sure you have added the domain where the plugin is installed to the app in the app’s “App Domain” field.

If that’s not the problem, the second most common fault is a data entry error on the plugin settings page. Make sure that your appId is properly set on the plugin settings page.

Why am I only getting a couple of posts back?

You might be retrieving data from a Facebook profile not a Faceook page. Here is an explanation of the difference between the two and what you can do to get more data: Facebook profile vs page

Does jQueryFacebookWallWP for Facebook business accounts?

Yes and no. jQueryFacebookWallWP requires a Facebook App to retrieve Facebook data and business accounts can not make Facebook Apps.  However, you can retrieve data from business accounts. (You need a Facebook App so you will need access to a Facebook account that can make apps.) An example of jQueryFacebookWall showing a business accounts data can be seen here http://ironlasso.com/jqueryfacebookwall-wall/

Does jQueryFacebookWallWP work on IIS ?

Yes, but you need to add mime type. See the documentation.

Does jQueryFacebookWallWP require php?

Yes, goof ball. So does WordPress.

I get a JavaScript error in the browser console that states: ” data retrieval error -> An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.”

This indicates that Facebook is having a problem retrieving data for your page or profile. This can happen for a number of reasons. One fix is to lower comment limits. By default the comment limit is set to 5000. Try explicitly setting it to a smaller number in the plugin settings.

Why not use Facebook embedded posts?

You could. That is a great solution for many problems.You could loop through posts returned from Facebook and build a bunch of embed posts. They do have share functionality which I hope to add soon. However, they don’t show or allow commenting on your page and you can’t customize the style and you don’t get the photos, albums, events, and likes. Here is an example of an embed post if your are interested: