jQueryFacebookWall Plugin Options

jQueryFacebookWall Plugin Options

jQueryFacebookWall offers a multitude of options so you can tweak it to get exactly what you want.

Plugin options column summary

Option: Name of the plugin option.
Type: Data type of the option. If the option is an enumerated, type the possible values are listed in array style syntax i.e., [‘value 1’, ‘value 2’].
Required: Defines if the option must be set; if ‘yes’ then the option value must be provided in the plugin instantiation call. If not yes, the default value of the option is listed.
Description: Description of the options functional purpose.

jQueryFacebookWall plugin options

Option Type Required Description
appId string yes Facebook app id.
domain string yes Domain name where the plugin is used. i.e., www.ironlasso.com
FacebookUser string ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­yes Your book account name.
display [‘timeline’,’wall’] timeline The display style of the wall. See examples.Timeline styleWall style
 language  ‘english’, ‘espanol’, ‘italiano’, ‘francais’, ‘svenska’  no defaults to english  selects language for all headers like and comment buttons input place holders etc. New languages are easily added in languages.js contact me if you want to do a translation and add it to the list.
posts.show [‘true’,’false’] true Turns the posts section of the feed on and off.
posts.order 1,2,3,4,5 5 The order in which the posts section should be added to the plugin.
posts.feedType [‘feed’,’posts’] feed Feed type defines if you would like to show the Facebook users feed (include posts from other users) or posts (only posts from Facebook user).
posts.limit int 10 The max number of posts to retrieve from Facebook. Note, Facebook may or may not return the max number of posts. Some posts get filtered for various reasons (privacy, blocked user, region etc.).
comments.limit int 100 Max number of comments returned from Facebook; 5000 is the max value Facebook allows.
comments.showAtStart int, ‘All’ 2 The number of comments to show when the wall first loads; use ‘All’ to show all posts on load.
comments.showMoreNum int 50 The number of comments that will be revealed when the ‘view more comments’ link is clicked for a story.
likes.show boolean true Show your Facebook account likes.
likes.order 1,2,3,4,5 4 The order in which the Likes section should be added to the plugin.
likes.useCoverPhotos boolean false Show only likes that have a cover photo defined, and use the cover photo as the like image.
likes.limit int 5 The number of account likes to show.
albums.show boolean true Show your Facebook account albums.
albums.order 1,2,3,4,5 3 The order in which the Albums section should be added to the plugin.
albums.limit int 3 Number of albums to show.
photos.show boolean true Show your Facebook account photos.
photos.order 1,2,3,4,5 2 The order in which the Photos section should be added to the plugin.
photos.type [‘profile’,’uploaded’,’tagged’] uploaded The type of photos to show in your photos Section. ‘Uploaded’ shows timeline photos, ‘profile’ shows your profile pics, ‘tagged’ shows photos you have been tagged in.
photos.numColumns [‘2’,‘3’,‘4’] 4 The number of image columns you want in the photos Section, you may want to adjust the image height in jQueryFacebookWall.css => .Facebook-wall.timeline .photos .photo-cover-photo-wrapper
photos.showAtStart int 12 The total number of photo thumbnail images to show.
photos.limit int 25 The total number of photos to retrieve from Facebook.
events.show boolean true Show your Facebook account events.
events.order 1,2,3,4,5 1 The order in which the Events section should be added to the plugin.
events.showTicketLink [‘true’,’false’] false Shows a link to the event tickets location if its provided by facebook.
debug boolean false Print plugin debugging info in the js console.